Richard and Trudi’s 44th Valentine’s Day

Richard and Trudi’s 44th Valentine’s Day

By In Flowers, Lake Oswego On February 10, 2014

Richard and Trudi will spend their 44th Valentine’s Day together this year! Richard talks about making it work:

Our business is a lifestyle and we love it. Working together has so many rewards. As we celebrate our 25th store anniversary we will reflect back over the years and share stories we have enjoyed.

This will be Trudi and my 44th Valentines together. We celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this year too.

This week was  almost a second  snow storm on Valentine’s in 25 years. We have had only one storm that shuttered the store with snow on this special day. It was in the early 90’s, but we made it happen with some delivers a day late but all got delivered. Oregon weather has been good to us in Feb. Always a hint of bad weather but not enough to keep Cupid from delivering those special flowers.

Flowers!  Oh yes, after all these years we always have flowers in our house each week. AND YES I have flowers delivered to Trudi at the house every Valentine’s Day. I want her to have the surprise at the door when she gets home. She is a romantic and I love it. I feel it is important to surprise her. It is always fun to hide her arrangement at the store so she does not know she is getting one sent to her. I am sure she knows, but she never lets on. It’s the thought that she is not forgotten even though this is what we do for everyone else. We too feel it is important in our own personal lives. So do not forget your special loved one. We send flowers!!

Two romantic Lake Oswego spots for us:

1. Having a glass of wine with fresh bread and Bree from St. Honore watching the sun set over the Lake in Oswego. We often reflect on all the different sunsets we have enjoyed together throughout the world.

2. Happy Hour outside at Tucci’s in the summer on a warm evening. The view of the store across the street at dusk in the summer is great. Our time to talk over the day together over their homemade “limon cello”.

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